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How to Use Health Insurance

So now you’re covered by a health plan. Congratulations! But, maybe you’ve never used health insurance, or you’ve hardly ever used it. Here’s a guide to help you.

How to Save Money on a Deductible

A deductible is how much you have to pay on your own for healthcare before your health plan kicks in and starts paying its share. You may have chosen a plan with a high deductible to save money on the monthly premium. But, you also can save money while you’re paying off your deductible. Here’s how.

Reaching Your Out-of-Pocket Maximum

If you have a health plan, what is your out-of-pocket maximum? That’s the highest amount you’d have to pay for covered health services in a plan year.


What Do You Want from a Health Plan?

Health plans come in many varieties, each with its own pros and cons. To pick the one that’s best for you, you need to know what you want from a health plan. It may help if you ask yourself the following questions.

Federal Open Enrollment Period Gets Shorter

Now is a good time to think about open enrollment for 2018. That’s the period when you can enroll in or make changes to a health plan. Of special note: The federal open enrollment period is now half as long as before.

New Websites Help You Plan Healthcare Costs

Planning healthcare costs can seem complicated. Now, FAIR Health offers two free websites that can help you plan such costs and understand how health insurance works. One is for New Yorkers, the other for people nationwide.


How to Get Health Coverage While Traveling

If you’re planning a summer trip, the last thing you may want to think of is healthcare. But, accidents and illnesses can happen on the road as well as at home. Here are some tips on how to get health coverage while traveling.

Getting Insured outside Open Enrollment Periods

As pleasant as summer can be, it’s usually the wrong season for open enrollment. That’s the designated period of time—usually in the fall—when you can enroll in or make changes to a health insurance plan. But, there are some special circumstances that let you enroll any time.

Health Insurance for College Students

As you prepare to go to college, don’t forget to pack health coverage. Most colleges require students to have health insurance. And, if you don’t have health coverage, and you earn enough to afford it, you may have to pay a tax penalty. There are several ways of getting covered.


How to Handle Your Medical Bill

No one likes to get a bill. But, spending some time reviewing your medical bill may help you save money. Your review may be more fruitful if you do some advance work—such as asking your doctor how much a procedure is expected to cost.

Reading Your Explanation of Benefits

After you go to the doctor, you may get an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurer. Because the form includes a notice that it’s “not a bill,” you may be tempted to discard it. But, reading your EOBs can help you make the most of your health insurance.

Breaking Medical Codes

Medical paperwork may seem hard to understand. Some of the most mysterious parts are the codes. Those are the numbers (or letter-number combinations) that appear on medical bills and explanations of benefits (EOBs).

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