Insurance Basics: Choosing Your Health Plan    Watch an informative video

Having More Than One Health Plan

Being covered under two health plans doesn't mean the two plans will pay the same amount twice for the same doctor visit. Instead, the plans follow rules about which plan pays what, known as "coordination of benefits."

The Basics of Telehealth

A new way of getting healthcare is becoming common. Called telehealth or telemedicine, it lets people get healthcare without traveling. Telehealth uses electronic devices such as phones and computers to deliver healthcare services and clinical information across distances.

Healthcare Services Not Covered by Health Insurance

You might think your health insurance plan will cover just about anything, from eyeglasses to private nursing. But you would probably be wrong. There are some healthcare services that most health plans don't cover. This guide will tell you about them.

Women's Healthcare Coverage

If you´re a woman, you have different healthcare needs than men. Women may need access to birth control, or prenatal and maternity care.

Limited Health Plans: AHPs and STLD Plans

New rules have expanded access to two types of limited health insurance plans. They are association health plans (AHPs) and short-term, limited duration (STLD) health plans. Because they don’t have to follow the Affordable Care Act, these plans can cost less than regular health plans. But, they have limitations you should know.

When Can You Enroll In a Health Plan?

Health insurance is important. It protects you against what can be the very high costs of healthcare. But, to get health insurance, you need to enroll, or sign up. And, in most cases, you can’t enroll in a health plan any time you want. You have to do it during certain times.