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The Health Insurance Marketplace Is Open Now

Shopping for a health plan? Want to change the one you have? Depending on where you live, you now may have up to August 15, 2021, to sign up for or change your plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. This special enrollment period is part of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shopping for Shoppable Services

Sometimes, as in an emergency, you can’t shop around for healthcare. But for many health services you receive in a hospital or health system, you have time to plan. You can use our Shoppable Services tool to learn the average price for a service in your area and surrounding areas

Consumer Classroom Teaches the Health Insurance Fundamentals

Do you know the difference between an HMO and a PPO? Or between a copay and coinsurance? Now you can learn the basics of health insurance on the go. Download FAIR Health’s new, free mobile app, FH® Consumer Classroom.


How to Deal with COVID-19 Medical Costs

Thanks to a law passed in the spring of 2020, most Americans can be tested for COVID-19 for free. But that law didn’t make treatment for the virus free. Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, you can take steps now to understand your protections under the law and manage your treatment costs.

Help with Insurance Issues

Sometimes you may need help dealing with health insurance issues. You might have questions about what your insurance will cover, or need support in finding and enrolling in a plan. Or you may have claim issues with your insurance company. There are many places you can find help for all of these concerns.

A Look Back at 2020 on the FAIR Health Consumer Website

In 2020, FAIR Health added several COVID-19 resources to its free, award-winning consumer website The resources make the site even more useful in these challenging times. Other highlights of 2020 can be found here in the FAIR Health Consumer year-end statistics for 2020.


Fall Is Open Enrollment Season

Now that fall is here, it's a good time to think about health insurance, especially in light of the risk of getting COVID-19 or the flu. That's because fall is open enrollment season—the time of year when you can sign up for a health plan or make changes to the plan you have.

Types of Health Plans

When shopping for a health plan, you may see a plan described as an HMO, PPO, POS or EPO. Those abbreviations are important because the coverage, rules and typical costs differ for each type of plan.

The Facts about Cost Sharing

No matter what kind of health plan you get, you'll probably have to pay something. Here are the types of payments you may have to make—and how to make your dollars stretch as far as possible.


Wellness Programs: Coverage for Promoting Healthy Living

Healthy lifestyle behaviors include regular exercise and nutritious eating. Are you looking to carry out such behaviors but unsure how to start? If so, you may want to explore the wellness programs offered by your employer or health insurance plan.

Preventive Services: Coverage and Costs

You’re probably used to going to a doctor when you feel sick. But to prevent illness, it also can be important to seek healthcare when you feel well. With preventive services, you can avoid certain diseases and catch others in their early stages.

Getting Covered for Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy have one thing in common: They may not be covered by insurance. That’s because they may be looked at as alternative treatments, not part of conventional medical care.

FAIR Health Consumer Access
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